A Personalized Project

Founded in Rome on May 6th, 1959 and recognized as an institution with a legal decree n. 932 by the President of the Italian Republic on September 16th, 1959, Rui Foundation promotes its educational work autonomously, in collaboration with governments and national and international bodies, such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Rui Foundation is member of the CCUM Conference of University Colleges of Merit, which is legally recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

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RUI Alumni: Friendships That Last

The meaning and the value of experience during the years lived at Milanoaccademia do not remain confined to university years.

RUI Alumni are privileged because they have shared important experiences of their training that give continuity and strengthen, with the maturity of adulthood, the lessons they received at MilanoAccademia and have been implanted into their professional and personal lives.

The association brings former residents of all Rui Foundation’s Colleges together. It promotes events, cultural meet ups, fundraising for scholarships, and offers residents networking opportunities with companies and the professional world.

Saint Josemaria’s Dream

Like all RUI Foundation residences, MilanoAccademia also draws inspiration from the teachings of St. Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, the personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

The spirit of Opus Dei manifests itself in the life at the Residence, promoting an atmosphere of coexistence with others based on respect and love for freedom, solidarity, optimism; activities revolving around spiritual formation and Christian doctrine are offered to students, who can freely choose whether to participate.

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