About us



MilanoAccademia, with its headquarters and its network of apartments, is located in the centre of the city, close to Università Bocconi, Università Cattolica and Università Statale. A point of reference for the Milanese university reality, it welcomes – in addition to residents – many students who attend the various training activities.

With a personalized training project, Milanoaccademia helps university students to deepen and integrate the teaching offered by university faculties with those “soft skills” which are increasingly more requested by employers.

Direction Team

MilanoAccademia is led by professionals in the educational field. Their training is in continuous development; each year the members of the direction conduct refresher training and methodological enrichment.

The personal relationship that develops between direction and students is one of the many strengths of life at MilanoAccademia; it is a relationship built on listening and openness, to calmly face the challenges and embrace increasingly ambitious goals.


Residence Stories

The atmosphere that reigns in MilanoAccademia is that of a typical welcoming home that is always open, where everyone cares for each other and works together for the good of all.

Life in the Residence is marked by commitment to daily practice, but is enriched by moments of fun, shared experiences, cultural studies and sports, that must be part of a young and university environment.

Like in a family, every resident is called on to take on small tasks to form a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, and to develop human skills both of relational and managerial nature. This approach will provide a wealth of essential experiences for the student’s personal and professional growth.

Attention to detail

At MilanoAccademia we take care of every detail to make residents feel at home. Specialized teams take care of housekeeping, cooking and cleaning services, creating a warm and cozy home.

Three meals are prepared to provide a healthy and balanced diet. Like family, we pamper our students on joyous occasions such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

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